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Enjoy the perks of being a true explorer. Sequoia Project focuses on ethical and sustainably sourced apparel and home goods. We give back 10% of all proceeds to reputable conservation organizations to help protect our wild places. We want to inspire to explore, but to do so responsibly and to always leave it better than we found it. If this sounds like you, then we would love to have you join the team! Being an explorer would gain you access to exclusive discounts, content creation, gifts, and more!

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  • Sandra V.

    Living in Alaska she enjoys hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and enjoying all of the rugged beauty Alaska has to offer.

  • Kate Z.

    Living the van life, Kate is a former English teacher, published writer, and professional copywriter. She travels the country and enjoys hiking, backpacking, and running.

  • Bri J.

    Living in New Hampshire, Bri is an engineer during the day and spends her weekends outdoors. She enjoys hiking, skiing, doing triathlons, & being active!

  • Caitlyn O.

    Living in Seattle, Caitlyn currently attends Seattle University and is a D1 athlete. She enjoys cooking, running, hiking, and is passionate about sustainability.

  • Izzy C.

    Izzy is a digital creator that enjoys traveling, hiking in National Parks like Arches and Zion, and living her life to the best.

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